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The Wellspring
it's been too long
my pen feels clumsy in my hand
mistake after mistake
words keep jumping up half-formed
what happened to my dictionaries
           my novels
           my worlds of words and letters
           that sprang so easily in my waking mind?
not dry
           but too long untapped
not abandoned
           but the path is half forgotten to time
so much that I fumble on my way inside my own inspiration
here it is—a font of ink
bubbling in my brain
and so it flows…
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Canterbury Sky by dragolia Canterbury Sky :icondragolia:dragolia 0 0
Mature content
Flash in the Pan :icondragolia:dragolia 0 0
devID by dragolia devID :icondragolia:dragolia 0 0
Yahrzeit ::For My Grandpa::
I remember calling you on your birthday.
Missed you the first time,
(you were at choir practice)
had to call again.
We talked about what I was writing.
(a play for class)
You said comedy was harder than tragedy.
You were only half right.
More laughs than tears,
although there were plenty of those.
We sang for you,
hoping somewhere you could hear us.
I don't have to hope.
I know we sang loud enough.
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Nighttime ::Alone::
Ever had the back of your neck prickle with what could be?
Turn off the light and scurry under the covers,
for there are dark things waiting for your vulnerability.
It's just a hop, skip, and a
                                  jump into the nightmare.
Feel that coldness?
Do you feel that draft?
Do you know what's lurking in the shadows?
Is it something black-hearted and gruesome?
Waiting to play dice with your soul?
Or just tug your ankle to watch you flinch
as though
Do you feel safe under your blankets?
That once your feet and back are covered, nothing can touch you?
What if they were to pull your armor from your bed?
Bury your face deeper into your pillow.
These dark shadows will not touch your dreams.
And I
I know the cold feeling to
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Zanshin ::The Deadline::
Ten hours
There is nothing to be afraid of
You think
(There is nothing to worry about)
Eight hours
You aren't in bad shape
(Yet, your mind whispers)
Six hours
Almost there
You believe
(Not even close)
Four hours
(Only a quarter)
Two hours
Quick count up
Then count again, slower
(Now you understand. Now the demon on your shoulder laughs.)
Zero hour
(C+ for effort. In the end, it was what you hoped for.
And deserved.)
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Derive ::Breadcrumbs::
It's like that sometimes.
You just sit back and let your feet do the walking,
the deciding.
Another left
You start thinking of yourself as a serpent,
what with the way you take the corners.
An alley looks like a sound choice but it's a dead
Turn around and keep going.
You wonder if you'll get lost.
You wonder if you'll get found.
Let your feet do the walking,
the deciding.
The dull thud of your shoes on pavement is
You wonder if you have any breadcrumbs in your pocket.
You wonder if the witch's house is made of gluten-free gingerbread.
You wonder how long you've been taking
because the people outside the cafe are starting to stare.
Your feet decide to take you home.
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If you want me, come and get me.
If you want me, come and get me.
Our eyes lock.
Our eyes lock.
I smile.
I smile.
My hands are shaking.
My hands are shaking.
My feet are lead.
My feet are lead.
If you want me, come and get me.
If you want me, come and get me.
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In Need of a Quill
I think it is that
I am filled with words
For there is nothing I like more
Than letting the ink in my veins
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Smoke from a Flame
What chains, what chains
I cannot see them
I am not held back
What form, what form
Nothing I can tell
Why, I'll swim then
For there is no water
My midnight oil is never spent
Refilled and relit
Such steady madness
What pity, such a pity
It's all threes and fours
No steel, no water
And too much oil
I've never had snow
Only a dead browness
There is nothing to do
What's hope, after all
It does not perch
But if we are lucky
Its wings shall brush against our lives
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A Chronicle: In The Margins :icondragolia:dragolia 0 0
Mature content
By Sight :icondragolia:dragolia 7 0
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Thirty Three Percent
"What are you doing?"
"I think…I finally figured out percentages."
"We learnt those in the third grade."
"Yeah, but we always complained that we'd never use them in real life."
"And you know how to use them in real life now?"
"Eighty four percent."
"What's that?"
"That's the percentage of how many basketball matches you lost to me when we were kids."
"That's not fair! You're taller than me!"
"Fifty two percent."
"Is that how much taller than me you are?"
"No. That's the percentage of times you speak out of turn and get into trouble for it."
"Very funny."
"Twenty three percent."
"Let me guess, that's how much I annoy you?"
"That's the percentage of times your mother told you she loved you when you were a child instead of the amount she should have."
"Seventy nine percent."
"I don't think I like this game anymore."
"That's how much of your heart loved that guy who broke it so completely callously."
"Look, I'm serious. Stop."
"Ten percent."
"Please stop."
"That's how sure you a
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United States
I'm a Writer. Not a writer, a Writer. It isn't what I do, it's what I am.

(I'm a recent college graduate with my Bachelor's in English and a minor in Theatre. Am working temporarily as a tutor at Kumon until I leave for grad school in England in September--University of Kent at Canterbury for my Masters in Medieval and Early Modern Studies.)

Photography is also a burgeoning hobby of mine, and I'm definitely looking forward to developing in that area of art.

Current Residence: the Internet.
Personal Quote: Without the bad in life, how can we ever hope to understand the good?
things are much better.

still don't have a job though, and that is a huge annoyance to me, mama, and my bank account.


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